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Whether engineering, procurement or construction (or EPC), in any discipline (electrical, mechanical, structural, architectural, civil, controls), in any industry (oil and gas, shipbuilding, mining, power generation, commercial/civil), project planning can help projects succeed.

Most importantly, project planning is applicable and works for any size organization or project! Especially, small companies or projects!

We specialize in supporting companies or project teams that are not big enough to require full time planning support, but occasionally need help until they are big enough to do it themselves.

Bid/Proposal Schedules


Need a schedule to qualify for a bid? To assess project schedule execution risk? Determine levels of required Labor or equipment resources?  Project Success Center can help!

Baseline Schedules


Contractually required to provide a baseline schedule? Need a yardstick to track completion against plan? Want to ensure entirety of contractual scope is tracked and managed? Need to know when all requirements have been accounted? Project Success Center can help!

Execution Schedules


Contractually required to report progress over time? Need to reforecast remaining scope? Need to describe required work over upcoming period? Need to know if critical path is being followed? Project Success Center can help!

Shutdown Schedules


Need to minimize shutdown duration? Need to confirm you are prepared to shutdown? Need to ensure you are completing only the required scope? Project Success Center can help!

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